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The home of your South African Service Cross,"ons Dienskruis"

Service Cross instituted as recognition by ex-SADF veterans to our "Brothers in Arms"

As we are all well aware, the vast majority of our conscript National Servicemen, numerous Reserve Force "Campers & Commando's" and many longer serving ex-SADF PF brothers did not get the recognition for their honourable services rendered prior to 1994.

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Unlike many countries including Australia, Norway, Malaysia and others, South Africa never issued a National Service Medal and it is highly unlikely that the current government ever will. To correct this injustice, we the Veterans have taken action. Initially this Commemorative Medal was to be called the National Service Cross. However, it was felt that this would exclude others, like the SA Police, SA Prison Services, SADF Permanent Force members, SWA Territorial Force personnel who, whilst serving South Africa never did National Service. So, the name was changed to the SA Service Cross to recognise all those that served South Africa between the period 1957 to 1994, and who never received any or very little recognition for that service.

SA Service Cross

Since this date, almost 20 years have gone by and still many ex-serviceman find it almost impossible to get their well deserved recognition for past services to the Republic. This is a problem felt by so many ex-SADF Veterans, that if formal recognition was never to be forthcoming, we the Veterans would and now have, redressed this wrong by issuing a Commemorative Medal.

Therefore, it was proposed in early 2012 that we Veterans would mint our own Commemoration Medal, "initiated by the veterans for fellow veterans" so as to recognise those we still proudly call, our "Brothers in Arms" being either ex-SADF, ex-SWA Territorial Forces and or allied forces Veterans.

This Commemorative Medal is available to all Veterans and supporting services personnel who meet the eligibility criteria, irrespective of their current affiliations, race or sex.


The South African Service Cross was instituted by the Executive Committee of the South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia (SAMVOA) and the legenadry Colonel Jan Breytenbach DVR,SD, SM, MMM (Ret) of 32 Batallion and 44 Parachute Brigade fame who was present at the annual AGM in Melbourne, Australia on 6th of October 2012. 

The cross was established to recognise those men and women who have given valued service to the Republic of South Africa between 1957 and 1994 during hostilities and in peacetime, and whose services in many cases have gone unrecognised.  

On the reverse we thus have the very poignant extract from the then National Anthem (Die Stem) where, at thy nations call, many answered that call, we have "Op jou roepstem / At thy call" 1957 - 1994 


For all ex-SADF personnel and our allies who provided combat support or services to the South African Security Forces. Be they conscript National Servicemen, Permanent Force or Volunteer short term service persons or even seconded SAP members during Township duty and or served as civilian members of the arms / defence industries like Armscor, Atlas Air or supported the SADF through contractor logistics / manufacturing enterprises, eligibility for this medal is ensured.

Also known as the "Suid Afrikaanse Dienskruis", this medal is therefore available for those NSM's, PF's, Campers and allied forces who were involved in the "Grensoorlog"or Border War, Township duties or fought to ensure peace during the periods of unrest leading to free democratic elections in 1994 when the SADF which we are proud to have served, was transfromed into the current SANDF.


1. The ribbon colours represent the old SA flag,

2. The medal “jump-ring” connecting the medal and the ribbon represents the South African national flower, the King Protea,

3. Miniature crossed swords, eagle, anchor and caduceus, representing Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical Services (eligible for SADF members only),

4. The four arms of the cross represent the four “Arms of Service” namely Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical Services converging into the "joint arms" of the SADF,

5. The parallel lines on each arm represent  the individuals personal sacrifice as they undertook their 2 years of compulsory National Service,

6. Gold laurel wreath with old SADF logo in the centre symbolised the SADF's honourable and distinguished service across numerous theatres of Operation and on the battlefields of Southern Africa,

7. On the reverse is the old South African Coat of Arms with the dates 1957 – 1994 and contain the patriotic words from the old South African National Anthem, “ At thy Call – Op jou Roepstem.”

8. The cross comes in a dark blue leatherette box with silver wording embossed on the exterior; "South African Service Cross - Suid Afrikaanse Dienskruis", framing the insignia of the SADF,

9. Each medal is numbered at the base of the cross and is recorded in the Nominal Role with the recipients' detail.

10. This is a Commemorative Medal and must be worn according to the protocols in place with any official organisation to which you are affiliated.

Various nations, veteran organisations and associations have different practices which are to be respected, so as a guideline, its suggested that the cross not be worn alongside any officially issued SADF medals, but rather on the right breast of a jacket. However, we realise many veterans and eligible recipients   who supported the Security Forces have received no recognition, so in such instances, wearing the cross with pride on your right chest would be appropriate 

Remember, this cross is for those who served and most importantly got NOTHING,

It's for our allied “brothers and sisters in arms” who supported us and get NOTHING,

It's for those who served us, and will get NOTHING,

It’s also for those who have been injured and got NOTHING,

It’s for those who died for us and got NOTHING,

It’s for the loved ones our buried brothers "left behind", who got NOTHING,

It’s for them and its for you.

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